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Ultimate Heist

December, 1998. The Artifact has been held by many hands throughout the centuries, but perhaps none quite so adept as its most recent possessor, The Fox. A thief so prolific that cultures from around the globe have distinct tales of his exploits. Clue Chase Laboratories believes that the Fox was able to acquire the legendary Artifact during one of his Heists. We intend to rob the thief: For 1 hour on December 15th, 1998 the Fox’s home was subject to a major security malfunction, leaving it open to invasion.

You and your team must break into the home of the Fox, disable his security systems, and search for the artifact. You should attempt to steal as many other items from his lair as possible, in order to better conceal the true nature of our exploits. Be sure not to overstay your welcome, because the last rats the Fox caught in his lair were never seen again.

Escape Room Difficulty: 8 out of 10


Five Stars

This room was Nancy Drew meets Sherlock Holmes meets National Treasure!


Five Stars

Instead of just trying to get out of the Fox's lair, you're also trying to steal as much as you can..Great concept... a great activity for a group of friends

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