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Alien Encounter

January, 2053. We have intercepted transmissions containing images of the Artifact and messages in a language unlike anything of this earth. You and the other members of an elite exploratory crew have been hand picked to represent humanity as we make our first contact with these mysterious visitors. We know that they are intelligent, likely in ways beyond our limited human understanding of “intelligence”, and we know that they are friendly toward, or at least tolerant of, humans. This is fortunate, because humanity is ill equipped to deal with an aggressor capable of faster than lightspeed travel.

Now only one question remains: Will our guests deem us worthy compatriots, or troublesome insects that must be exterminated? The fate of humanity itself rests in your hands. We’re all counting on you.

Escape Room Difficulty: 10 out of 10


Five Stars

What a blast! The room is large with lots of activities to keep you busy and very high tech. Loved the robot. We didn’t complete the mission but still had loads of fun.

Rex M

Five Stars

Terrific experience trying to communicate with Aliens at Clue Chase. I play lots of games when I travel and this game was top notch...The room itself was very innovative with significant tech... bring your A game!

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