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October 1923 A speakeasy in 1920s NYC has received a filtration system for their liquor that unbeknownst to them contains small fractions of the artifact. These fractions are causing visitors to the speakeasy to experience visions of past and future events. We need you to go back in time to this speakeasy, mix their famous drinks, and imbibe them in the hopes that the visions you receive will grant you further information in our hunt for the artifact itself.


  • A truly modern escape room experience designed and built in 2019. Moonshine Madness features the latest in escape room design and technology to make this into a unique speakeasy escape room.
  • Seamless experience – this 1920’s escape room reacts to your inputs and actions as you progress, revealing numerous surprises.
  • Continue the hunt for the artifact – the new rooms at Herald Square continue and expand upon the lore of Clue Chase Laboratories, although prior experience at Clue Chase is not necessary.
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stay in the time loop

Moonshine Madness is one of our newest rooms, it features a unique speakeasy themed escape room and was completed at the end of the summer of 2019. Moonshine Madness implements seamless technology into the escape room game, all of it custom built and designed by our in-house team, and much of it entirely unique to Moonshine. You’ve never seen something like this in an escape room before. Taking place during the height of Prohibition in the US, Moonshine tasks the players with going back in time to a speakeasy, exploring the space, and finding the recipes for some of the unique concoctions being brewed there, before mixing the drinks themselves. (Moonshine is friendly for all ages, there will be no actual consumption of beverages during the game). Featuring a gorgeous 1920’s escape room theme that truly transports the players back in time, Moonshine is sure to be a fun and exciting hour for groups of all sizes.

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