Our virtual escape rooms are custom designed and built puzzle games, playable from the comfort of your own couch. Each game features a unique storyline, puzzles and interactive visual elements that combine to create a memorable cooperative (or solo) puzzle solving experience. Our virtual escape rooms are playable instantly from the time of purchase, and can be freely stopped and resumed as many times as you need – there are no limits. The games are played in your web browser, we recommend Chrome, and should function on any regular desktop or laptop computer, tablets and phones are not supported. The games are $20 – which gets you access for a team of up to six players, that’s less than $4 per player.

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Aliens have trapped Manhattan inside an enormous forcefield, and now it’s up to you and a small band of survivors to free the city. Can you find what the Aliens came for and return it to them before it’s too late?

WH Labeled SQ

Two rival Wizard schools are engaged in their yearly battle of wits. You have been tasked with breaking into the castle of Emeric the Enchanter. Can you get past his magical defenses?

1940s Hollywood, a mysterious murder on the set of the latest blockbuster film leads to a lockdown of the set. You’ve been brought on as a Private Investigator. Catch the murderer before the public hears of this.


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