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Coming soon from Clue Chase – A brand new virtual escape room experience, “Wizard Hunt”. We’ll be hosting a competition in the coming weeks to see who among you are the quickest puzzler solvers. Click through the banner for further details.

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Only $20 Per Team! (That's under $4 per player for a team of six).

We also offer the option for larger teams to schedule virtual games with a live host (at an additional fee), who can provide instruction, technical support and additional hints if needed. Highly recommended for team building events!

we can come to you


group of friends playing a virtual escape room on zoom

Our current virtual escape room offerings are “The Scarabs Curse” and “Mothership Over Manhattan”. These virtual escape rooms will take you and your team through a gauntlet of custom built puzzled – designed from the ground-up for remote teamplay. 

Our games are priced competitively, at only $20 per-team of up to six players. (That means if you play with six friends you’re spending less than $4 each to play together). They’re also playable instantly, meaning as soon as you book, you’ll get a code in your email, and you’ll be able to start playing. These codes don’t expire though, so don’t worry if you can’t start right away. 

Our virtual games take approximately one hour to complete, they have a built in clue system, and can be played entirely on your internet browser (we recommend Chrome). Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) are not supported, but according to some clients the game is “playable” on mobile devices. Use at your own risk.

For more information, please refer to the Digital Escape Game FAQ located below, or reach out to us directly via the livechat, or by phone at 646-829-1690. 

we can come to you