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October 31st 1926 – Harry Houdini has died. Famous for his skepticism of self-proclaimed “mystics” Houdini was famous for taking part in seances in order to debunk these charlatans. Clue Chase Labs believes that Houdini was holding these events in order to search for the only real source of mystic power in this world – The Artifact. With his passing we must ensure that any research or discoveries he made during his time on earth do not fall into the wrong hands. You have one hour to search his workshop for anything concerning the artifact. Good luck. 


  • Immerse yourself in the world of the extraordinary escape artist and magician, Harry Houdini
  • In this Houdini escape room, we offer interactive magic props and illusions that give you real hands-on experience with items that Houdini would have used during his shows
  • Houdini was the world’s most famous escape artist, can you match his cunning and escape his workshop before your hour is up?

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Our Houdini escape room takes you back in time to 1926, to the place where Houdini prepared all his illusions and tricks for his shows. Houdini’s Workshop is heavily inspired by magic shows and the illusions of Houdini, with several moments in the game that use elements of stage magic seamlessly along with the puzzles to create a truly mystifying experience for your team.

We spent a great of time working out the best ways to present magic tricks to players, without someone in the room to perform the trick for the players, and without giving away to the players the secret to the effect. Houdini is a unique magic themed escape room in that it also features several moments that are perfect group photo opportunities – and unlike many other rooms, we want you to take pictures in Houdini!

So come, be amazed, and get pictures of your friends looking dumb. Also, for a limited time we are giving out custom Houdini Cipher cards to every group that plays the room. These cards have the keys to various common ciphers that you may encounter in escape rooms around the world. Who knows, it might come in useful…

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