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Clue Chase is now PANIQ NYC!

Private Games Available - Select "Private Game" during checkout.

Private Escape Games Available - Check "Private Game" During Checkout

If you do not want to potentially play with folks from outside your party, you can select “Private Game”.


"Clue Chase’s facilities are among the largest in the city...  Former Broadway and movie set designers curated the decorations, so each space feels incredibly real."

"It’s so good to see quality new games finding their way into New York City."

"Both new and experienced escapers will love Clue Chase..."

"Journey through time and space to explore eight incredible environments in Bryant Park and Herald Square. Experience an interconnected storyline..."


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Best Puzzle Design

We have received several professional escape room reviews over the years. You can click any of the logos above to read their review in full detail.

We are proud of creating the best escape rooms in NYC and we think our work is reflected in the quality of feedback on our experiences we have received from both our regular players and professional critics. We’re also one of NYC’s original escape room companies, and we’re still here – because we’re awesome. And our games are awesome. And our customers are awesome. So here’s to many more years of awesome!

We look forward to the opportunity to engage with and entertain you and your friends with our NYC escape rooms, as we have tens of thousands of people before. 


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At Clue Chase escape room nyc our immersive escape games are playable by teams as small as two or as large as ten players. If you wish to solve puzzles with more than ten people, please give us a call at (646) 829-1690 and we will discuss arrangements with you. We also offer virtual escape room games, for those interested in remote activities.

All of our rooms last for one hour.

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Explore the Workshop of the famous escape artist Harry Houdini!
Known not only for his work as an illusionist, but also for his skepticism of so called “mediums” who claimed to be able to commune with the dead. Houdini would sometimes take part in Seances, only to publicly debunk them by demonstrating how they were performing their tricks. Oh to be in the room when he did that…

But perhaps Houdini’s motives were not so mundane… we have evidence to believe Houdini found someone in possession of real magical ability – unfortunately, he died before he could share this discovery with the world.

With a wide variety of engaging puzzles and some magic tricks of our own built into the game, this room is sure to be a blast for any escape game fan! This one may be our highest difficulty, but to be honest even we aren’t sure.

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Board the deck of the doomed pirate ship, the “Hades’ Plunder”.
A mutinous crew has locked her captain in the brig, and it’s up to you and your team to help steer the ship safely to the shores of one of the nearby islands, saving the contents of the ship and prevent a catastrophic disaster.

You won’t be able to do it without the help of the captain – but he’s been locked in the brig, so he’ll just have to talk you through it. Don’t worry though, we’re pretty sure sailing a full pirate vessel can’t be that difficult. Right?

With some of our most physically engaging puzzles, and a gorgeous set and immersive theme, Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle is a game that will keep you thinking and entertained up to the very end. So get some friends and go on a piratical mission together!

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Just because the drinks are glowing doesn’t mean we can’t try them…
Travel back 1920s NYC during the height of Prohibition. Explore the various rooms and nooks of a secret back-alley speakeasy, and maybe even discover why everyone who used to drink here… stopped.

What did they begin to see when they consumed their favorite of the four house cocktails? Only one way to find out… we’re going to break into the speakeasy and mix ourselves some drinks. This game is fun for all ages – since we don’t have a liquor license so there’s no actual drinking involved. Well, fun here may be a relative term.

(No actual drinks exist in this escape room, so please curb your excitement and/or concern, whichever way  your thoughts were trending just then).

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Guardian? Danger? When does one become the other?
Explore the lair of a wayward “superhero”. A Clue Chase Labs employee has stolen some of our time travel technology, and they’ve used it to shift themselves into a new timeline where they’ve been posing as a hero. They flit about NYC, stopping crimes – only to go and perpetrate nefarious schemes of their own.

Unfortunately, their most recent antics have been crossing a dangerous line.
We’re going to send your team into the heart of their lair, so that hopefully we can put a stop to their plans. You’ll have one hour to track them down and successfully deliver the payload. But before you can do that, there will be a host of security systems you’ll have to bypass. 

Good luck. Oh, and look out for the AI assistant in the room, she seems to be a bit bugged.

Like the reviews from critics, our regular guests also have a lot to say about Clue Chase and our fun escape room games. We’ve received certificates of excellence from Tripadvisor for four years running, and regularly receive high praise from escape room players.

You can also check out our reviews on Google where we currently have a 4.65-star average from 630+ reviews. We’re not conceited enough to think we’re the best escape room in New York City, but we’re definitely one of them.

If you have played one of our NYC based escape rooms before but have not left feedback, we would really appreciate it if you would tell us about your experience.

We love hearing what we are doing well and what we could improve. Our customers are our biggest source of inspiration, so hearing from you helps us continue to make great games.


Clue Chase is perfectly suited for hosting any special events, with our convenient escape room location right in Manhattan and over 3,000 total square feet of escape rooms near Herald Square and Times Square.

For corporate office events, we also have a dedicated event coordinator and years of experience hosting thousands of successful New York based team-building events.

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We recommend booking in advance as our most popular escape games fill up quickly! You can book online through our website or give us a call at (646) 829-1690.
If you’re on 32nd street and wondering, “are there escape rooms near me?” – you’re in luck! There are. Give us a call, or book online!


Operating since 2015, Clue Chase (Now PanIQ) offers an escape rooms experience that is uniquely NYC. 

Each of our four current escape game offerings were designed and built in-house by our team of artists and designers. You cannot play these games anywhere else in the world! 
Originally located on 42nd Street right near to Bryant Park, Clue Chase opened at second location at 39 West 32nd Street in 2019, with four brand-new escape rooms, on top of the four games at their original location. Unfortunately, due to the same hardship that befell many small businesses and humans in general in 2020, Clue Chase now operates solely out of their 39 West 32nd Street venue. (Which is awesome, and has four super cool escape rooms. And obviously, we’re biased in our opinion – but a lot of other people seem to share it!

Clue Chase has a proud tradition of creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, with warm and welcoming game masters who are solely focused on making sure you and your friends have an awesome time. We look forward to having you join us for a game soon!