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Private Games Available - Select "Private Game" during checkout.

Private Escape Rooms Available - Check "Private Game" During Checkout

Our NYC escape rooms are by default, shared experiences. This means multiple groups can book into the same game. If no one has yet reserved tickets in your desired timeslot, you will have the option to select “Private Game” during checkout in order to block off all the remaining tickets at a discounted rate of $10 per ticket. If you arrive with more players than you had initially planned on, they can simply pay the $25 remaining on their tickets. 

Per the city-wide mandate, guests 5 and older will need to show proof they have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Starting 1/28/22, all guests ages 5 and up must show proof of full vaccination.

      You can visit the “Key to NYC” Vaccine Proof website for additional information. 

Those unable to provide proof of vaccination cannot be admitted.


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Here at Clue Chase all of our immersive games are playable by teams as small two or as large as ten players. If you wish to play with more than ten people, please give us a call at (646) 829-1690 and we will discuss arrangements with you.

Current NYC law requires that we confirm the vaccination status of all our guests. Physical cards, the excelsior app, the NYS wallet app and photos of your physical vaccine card are all acceptable forms of verification.

Starting 1/28/22, all guests ages 5 and up must show proof of full vaccination.

All of our escape rooms last for one hour. 


"Clue Chase’s facilities are among the largest in the city...  Former Broadway and movie set designers curated the decorations, so each space feels incredibly real."

"It’s so good to see quality new games finding their way into New York City."

"Both new and experienced escapers will love Clue Chase..."

"Journey through time and space to explore eight incredible environments in Bryant Park and Herald Square. Experience an interconnected storyline..."

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Best Puzzle Design

These are just a few of our professional reviews from over the years. You can click any of the logos above to read their review in full detail. We pride ourselves on creating the best escape room adventures in NYC, and we think our work is reflected in the quality of feedback we have received from both our regular players, and professional critics.

We look forward to the opportunity to engage with and entertain you, as we have tens of thousands of people before. 


Much like the reviews from critics, our regular guests also have a lot to say about Clue Chase and our top notch puzzle design. We’ve received certificates of excellence from Tripadvisor four years running, and regularly receive high praise from escape room players of all levels. You can also check out our reviews on Google where we currently have a 4.65 star average from 550+ reviews.

If you’ve played a game with us in the past but have not yet left us feedback, we would love to hear it! We’re always happy to hear what we’re doing right, and what we could improve. Our patrons are our biggest source of inspiration, and we love hearing from you all.


Clue Chase is perfectly suited for hosting large group events, with our convenient escape room NYC location right in Midtown Manhattan and over 3,000 total square feet of escape rooms near Herald Square.

For corporate office events, we also have a dedicated event coordinator and years of experience hosting thousands of successful team building events.

For birthday parties we offer several family friendly escape room themes, including (but not limited to) Houdini’s Workshop and the Guardian of Gotham.

To learn more about our offerings for corporate clients you can check our corporate events page or our pop-up escape rooms page.

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stay in the time loop


Our escape rooms are 60 minute interactive puzzle adventures. Each game features custom props, sets and storylines, all built to immerse you and your team in the unique world we have created for you. Each game runs on a one hour timer, that is how long you will have to solve the mystery, and escape from the room.

Each escape game has a dedicated game master, who can provide clues and other assistance as your game progresses. Our escape rooms feature secret spaces, custom technology and all original puzzle designs, all combining to create a challenging, fun and immersive experience for you and your team.

Clue Chase’s NYC escape rooms feature a heavy focus on puzzle and game design, leading to a fun and mentally stimulating experience for players of all ages. Our rooms also feature numerous interactive elements that are sure to surprise and delight groups of players as they progress through their escape room experience. You’ll have one hour, are you up to the challenge?

secret agent escape room players
guardian of gotham nyc escape room interior shot

Clue Chase’s Herald Square location features four unique escape room experiences. Each one has been custom designed and built by Clue Chase to the highest standards of quality with original mysteries to solve in 60 minutes or less.

Our amazing escape room designs feel almost like real life, only you’ll be solving puzzles. These rooms are perfect for friends, family, coworkers – just about anyone, really. On vacation and looking at escape rooms in NYC? We provide the best escape rooms near 32nd Street Herald Square!

If you want to learn more about our rooms click the “Games” button in the menu bar above. From there you’ll be able to select individual escape rooms, see photos from the room, and learn a bit more about the story and how challenging that particular game is likely to be. You can also give our escape room NYC location a call, using the number visible above the book now button at the top of this (or any) page.

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Clue Chase was founded in 2015 with one goal in mind – make amazing puzzle games. In 2015 escape rooms were just beginning to open in New York City, and everyone had different ideas about what that experience could or should be. We wanted to be the best escape room in NYC, and to provide unique and exciting adventures where players can solve puzzles, find clues, and search for alien artifacts across time and space. Originally located right next to Bryant Park, Clue Chase’s size, game quality and location set it apart. Now located on 32nd Street, right near the Empire State Building, Clue Chase continues that tradition.

We poured ourselves into creating something that went beyond just escaping a vaguely themed room. We wanted to create something that could immerse players in a cohesive narrative across several separate rooms/game sessions. If you’re looking for the best escape the room NYC experience, we can provide.


players celebrating a win in the 1920's escape room

Our game masters believe that the best escape game experiences should begin as soon you walk into our front door. You shouldn’t have to wait until you’re playing for the fun to start. In order to provide this experience we have created the universe of Clue Chase Labs. Clue Chase labs is an underground Time Travel facility trying to track down an incredibly powerful alien artifact, that they can then use for… entirely noble purposes.

All our games are contained within this context, and feature Easter eggs referencing the other games for repeat players to discover. Furthermore, Clue Chase is constantly updating our escape rooms. We do this because our goal is to create the best experience possible. 


What made a top rated escape room in NYC in 2015 is a very different from the expectations of players in 2021. As more people play escape rooms, it becomes harder to impress players who think they have seen it all – particularly with escape rooms in Manhattan, expectations are high. 

This is always our goal – to entertain you, confuse you, and to (hopefully) make you feel just a bit like an actual genius. We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve crafted for you, as thousands of players have before. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go solve some puzzles!


What’s this? It’s something we have in the works, but aren’t quite ready to “ship” just yet. Drop your email in the box below and we’ll contact you when this, and other Clue Chase escape game projects are ready to set sail for new horizons…

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Clue Chase

Clue Chase