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Egyptian Tomb

September, 1800 – For thousands of years Egypt was the dominant force in North Africa. Napoleon believed that he had discovered the source of their power, a relic, “The Artifact” and mounted an expedition to Egypt with his team of archaeologists. The ancient Egyptians knew that someday someone would desire The Artifact for themselves and left booby traps for any intruders. Napoleon and his archaeologists triggered these traps and fled…

Modern day – Clue Chase Labs has detected electromagnetic interference in the tomb of Queen Nefertiti in the year 1800. These signals lead us to believe that Napoleon was correct, and that the artifact was most certainly in the possession of the ancient Egyptians – and perhaps… it still is.

Escape Room Difficulty: 9 out of 10

Wendy W.

Five Stars

the Egyptian Tomb game at Clue Chase definitely set a new bar because of the detail and complexity (in a good way)... We liked how there were different puzzles to solve...

Alejandra R.

Five Stars

Time flies... a self- and team challenge that keeps on getting more exciting as new puzzles appear. We did the Egyptian Tomb during our holiday, it was great...

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