Holiday Escape Room NYC Guide

So, you’re planning a trip to the city this holiday season, and you’re interested in playing an escape room while you’re in town. Excellent plan! Clearly this kind of forethought and good decision making is the reason you are the designated planner. We’ll be referring to you as “Designated Planner” for the remainder of this post, because we find it amusing, and we hope you will too. 

There are tons of escape rooms to choose from here in the city, so many different themes, locations and difficulty levels. It can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help. (And, you know, shamelessly plug our escape rooms at the same time, because we think they’re really good and we think you will too). 

Our escape rooms are locally owned and operated. Each one has been hand crafted by our in-house team of puzzle and set designers. These are not franchised or turn-key rooms, you will not find these games anywhere else in the world, they are entirely exclusive to our Manhattan location. There are a couple escape game chains with branches in NYC. While these rooms are often of a high quality ( we won’t lie) they are not distinctly New York, and identical copies of those games are present in cities across the US. Why travel all this way to play something you could have played in your home town? So while we won’t tell you to skip playing some of the bigger franchise/chain escape rooms, we will suggest that they may not be worth an entire trip to NYC. Enjoy them at your local branch! Save NYC for things you can literally only find here, any nowhere else. 

Okay, that concludes our diatribe on escape room chains. They’ve got high budgets and nice sets, sometimes the puzzles are good, but supporting local businesses in the best puzzle of all. (That… does not make sense. But we’re keeping it).

We’ve been open and running escape rooms here in NYC for six years now, and we have amassed a large number of stellar reviews across Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and wherever else reviews are found. We average 4.5 stars across all these sites and their cumulative thousands of reviews. We like to think we do pretty good work, and we always strive to ensure every group that comes through our doors has an awesome experience.

We offer four unique themes, all of which can be booked privately so that you do not have to play with strangers. Our themes run the gamut from a pirate ship to Houdini’s workshop, an abandoned speakeasy and even the lair of a superhero. Each game features a unique set of puzzles, challenge level, and set-piece moments. All of our rooms are built to the latest standards in escape rom technology, with each containing some unique and custom built interactive elements. 

We host groups both large and small. You can come play with just two people, or schedule up to 40 people at the same time to play at our venue. We also have portable puzzle games that can be set up for and played by hundreds of players at the same time, at the location of your choosing (in the greater NYC area). 

We also sell gift cards that your friends or family can redeem in order to play our escape rooms!

We’re open seven days a week, typically 12-8, but on Wednesdays-Saturdays we’re open to 11 or 11:30. So whatever your schedule, we can get you in for a game at a time that works for you. 

Check out the “Games” link in the menu above for more details about our in-person escape rooms. We also have virtual escape rooms, which you can learn about through our “online escape rooms” link above. For larger corporate groups or friend groups, check out our “team building” link. 

If you’re already sold and just want to get some tickets – click into the big green “Book Now” button above, and we’ll get you settled. 

We look forward to having you and your friends join us for a game this Holiday season. 

All the best,

Clue Chase