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Escaping With Style: Escape Room Tips

So, you’re going to play an escape room and you want to get a competitive edge. Fear not friend, Clue Chase has your back- with this, our helpful list of escape room tips for winners, and soon to be winners.

 Get Your Team Pumped

An excited team is a productive team. If the escape room you’re going to play has any media, videos, pictures or a story that you can share with your team ahead of time- go ahead and send it their way. Any content like that will help your team get into the story of the game they’ll be playing, and help them start mentally prepping, before they’ve even set foot in the building.

Split Up Early On- Then Reconvene With Findings
When you first enter an escape room there are likely to be many things hidden away for you to discover. You’ll want to make efficient use of your early time in that space to search the room and find as many clues as you can. This is probably the best time in the game to split your team up. After about ten minutes of everyone searching the space however, you’ll want to reconvene to go over everything you’ve found together. This is when the group can start piecing together seemingly disparate pieces of information in order to perhaps uncover the cohesive hole that makes up the puzzle. If you skip the communication step you could end up with two people walking around with the answers to each other’s questions, but if you never talk it out, you’ll never know that.

Show Up On Time
Timeliness is important if you want to have the best time in an escape room. Escape games run usually every hour and fifteen minutes to every hour and a half. This means that the escape room company likely doesn’t have a lot of leeway in their schedule to accommodate you with your full hour if you arrive late. Just like any other appointment or form of live entertainment, your scheduled time is your start time, not your arrival time. It’s recommended by most escape room companies that you do your best to arrive at least 15 minutes early. This will give you plenty of time to get settled, it will give your room runner ample time to give you a proper, full introduction, meaning you’ll go into the room feeling prepared, not rushed. If you’re very late you probably won’t even get to play for the full hour since there will be another game after yours- and you’ll want that full hour, trust us.

Pay Attention To Clues
Over the course of an average escape game you’ll receive a number of clues from your game master. These clues are always specific to your group based on what you should be working on right now, or what you’re struggling with. They’re never meant to distract you or to hamper your progress, they’re only meant to help. While you’re free to either request a reduced number of clues, or to ignore clues if you so desire, we don’t recommend it. Generally clues are only dispatched if the group seems to be in need of them, a team that is moving smoothly through the puzzles and making good time will not be receiving clues, so if you are, you probably need them, and following them will only help you.

Remember that part about splitting up early and then regrouping to share findings? Well, once that’s done you shouldn’t stop communicating. Successful teams share their findings and their thoughts with one another every step of the way. Share! Talk! Moving around the room in a bubble of silence will only hinder your progress. Always share with your team when you have solved a puzzle.

Relax, Have Fun!
Time flies when you’re having fun, but an hour is no small chunk of time. Don’t start psyching yourself out at the 40 minute mark that there’s just no way you’re going to make it, you’re only twenty minutes into the game, you don’t know that yet. Instead, stay focused on the game, not on the clock. The clock will do its thing, whether you waste time worrying about it or not. If you stay focused and relaxed you’ll be thinking more clearly, and communicating more openly. Both of which will help you in your quest to master the escape room, and maybe even set a record.

Hopefully these tips have helped you to feel prepared for the games that lie ahead of you. Best of luck to you in your future escape rooms, from all of us here at Clue Chase.




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