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Corporate Events and Escape Rooms

 Planning a team building event can be a nightmare. You need to weigh a seemingly endless number of variables in order to get it right. There are so many options, and so few perfect choices. Sure, half your team might find a cooking class enjoyable, but every team also has that special someone who can burn breakfast cereal. Also, cooking is a pretty individual activity, and you need something that promotes communication and teamwork. So, maybe an outdoor obstacle course? That might be a fun option for a team made up entirely of outdoor fitness enthusiasts, but that’s not a viable option for most teams – teams that have people from a variety of age groups and fitness backgrounds. You need an activity that is accessible to everyone, challenging for everyone, and promotes teamwork and communication above all else. This is where Escape Rooms come in.
 Escape rooms give your team the chance to flex their cooperative, competitive and creative problem solving muscles – all while having a blast playing a game that has been designed from the ground up to provide a fair, but distinctly challenging, group activity. Within a single room you will find a unique environment, often worlds apart from the office environment your team likely spends their days in. Whether it’s an ancient Egyptian tomb, an alien spaceship, or the lair of an international thief, there’s a theme and setting that will provide a “wow” moment for just about anyone. These environments are in turn populated with a story and a series of puzzles that are sure to bring in and involve all types of problem solvers. There are math puzzles for the number crunchers on your team, text comprehension puzzles for the limber linguists, color based puzzles for the aesthetically gifted, and so much more. Each puzzle is in turn part of a greater whole, and as your team works their way through each challenge the plot of their environment will come together before their eyes. These puzzles often are made up of a few smaller pieces that must be brought together before they can be solved. This makes constant communication a necessity for any team that wishes to find success in an escape room. Being a silent bystander is an option, but it is not a fun one, and escape rooms have a way of bringing out the brilliant problem solver in everyone.
 If you’re feeling particularly competitive your team can book out multiple rooms simultaneously. Want to pit marketing against publicity? Sales against IT? Throw each team into a separate room, start their timers, and let them race to the finish. While each room does contain a unique set of puzzles and challenges the game masters at Clue Chase are familiar enough with the variables of each environment to give you a very solid idea of each team’s overall performance at the end of the game. You could even book two hours of one room and have each team play the same room one after the other to get the most accurate score comparison.
 At Clue Chase we endeavor to make your event as fun and painless as possible. Our dedicated event coordinator will walk with you through the entire scheduling and booking process from start to finish. We have several catering partners, an event space that can be booked out separately from the rooms, and even an optional award ceremony where a few of your team members can be recognized for particularly stellar, or at the very least unique, performances. Our rooms and puzzles are designed 100% with adults in mind, and while nothing is thematically inappropriate for children, the puzzles themselves are tuned to be challenging for grown humans, and nigh impossible for children. Your team will not leave feeling unchallenged, that much we can guarantee.
 Our location in the landmark Grace building, on 42nd street directly across from Bryant park, means that we are just a quick subway ride from most anywhere in the city, and with over 4,000 square feet of space we have one of the largest escape room venues in Manhattan. Some of our partner companies, such as the restaurant STK, are located directly upstairs in the Grace building, making post game drinks or food just an elevator’s ride away.
 So let Clue Chase take the weight off of your shoulders, we’ve got you covered with an event that your entire team is sure to enjoy. For more information we can be reached at (646) 829-1690, and at the corporate events page of our website, We look forward to giving your incredible team the incredible experience that they deserve.



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