Operating in midtown Manhattan since 2015, Clue Chase exemplifies the spirit of the NYC escape room industry. Independently owned and operated, Clue Chase is constantly working to update and improve upon what exactly it is to run escape rooms in 2022. Each escape room is tied into a central overarching theme and narrative, the story of “Clue Chase Labs” a wayward time travel laboratory conducting some “not technically legal” experiments. You’ll be brought on board by a lab coat wearing scientist, who will teach you and your team about the intricate and potentially deadly act of time travel. After that, you’ll have one hour to complete your mission. 

Each of Clue Chase’s games have been played thousands of times to universal praise from both professional escape room critics and audiences alike. No two rooms contain the same puzzles, no two rooms play the same. 

Clue Chase has adapted to our new shared reality by implementing a stringent masking policy, and following NYC’s vaccine requirements to the letter. Clue Chase also offers online escape rooms, for folks looking for a puzzling challenge, but who don’t exactly want to leave the house in order to spend an hour locked inside a room. We get it.

With seven years experience in the local escape room industry, Clue Chase is the tried and true go-to for families looking for a fun day out on the town, a birthday party idea – or for corporate groups, looking to get the team back together for a game and then maybe some drinks. You can reach them at 646-829-1690 if you have any questions about their immersive missions and brain bending puzzles. 

You can also select any of the banners above to learn more about their various escape games. These include “Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle” “Houdini’s Workshop” and “Moonshine Madness”.