Team Building and Virtual Escape Rooms

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Covid-19 has undoubtedly complicated the matter of planning and executing team-building events. What used to be an opportunity for office-mates to get together outside of work and bond over some drinks and a group activity, is now gone, or very different. Paint-and-sip at home? Well, we’ve all probably been drinking a fair bit of wine at home already this year, and that’s not necessarily an activity that can be improved by sharing it with coworkers over zoom. We’re perfectly capable of being sad wine-drunks on our own, thankyouverymuch. 

But what about an escape room? Oh, no, not one of those escape rooms where you’re locked in a cramped space together for an hour – that type of experience is definitely not what you want your staff doing right now. How about a virtual escape room though? Your team gets all the fun and challenge of working as a team to solve a series of complex mysteries – but from home! (Wine optional. Does not necessarily help with puzzle solving prowess).

At Clue Chase we’ve been busy developing several of these virtual escape rooms – and further iterating on the ones we do have. Right now available for play is the “Scarab’s Curse”. This virtual escape room game has you and your team exploring a film set in order to uncover the identity of an unknown individual who has murdered the film’s leading lady. A variety of gameplay elements will present themselves as your team progresses, and note taking is very much recommended. 

Coming soon we have “Dune Runner”. This game takes place on an enormous train that houses the last of humanity after a world-ending apocalypse. (Is there any other kind of apocalypse? A question for another time). You’ll need to navigate your way through the train – working your way up to the very front, hopefully in time to save the conductor. Dune Runner will be available when it’s ready. (Hopefully early January, check back here for updates)!

We think virtual escape room games are an excellent way to get your team thinking and working together during this unusual time. They’re also probably one of the most affordable team-building options around, at only $15 for every group of 4-6 players. That means for a smaller company (or team within a company) you can all get together and play for around $30. The Virtual escape rooms last for one hour, approximately – but there is no time limit. Unlike a normal escape room you can take as long as you need to finish the story. You can even stop, close the game entirely, and then resume at a later date. 

If you’re interested in booking Scarab’s Curse or Dune Runner for your team, please reach out to us at, or by phone at 646-829-1690. 

Until next time,

Clue Chase