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How Do Virtual Escape Rooms Work?

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If you’re reading this you probably looked at one of our virtual escape room games and thought ‘Cool. What?’ – don’t worry, we’re here to help. Virtual escape rooms, much like real escape rooms, are fun games designed to test your mental acumen and teamwork via a series of puzzles and challenges.

Unlike regular escape rooms virtual escape rooms do not come with a time limit, you get to keep playing until you win. Virtual escape rooms also use a built-in clue system, as opposed to having a human giving you clues while you play. These are a perfect escape room idea for work – the timing is flexible, as is the location. So if you’re looking for virtual escape room ideas, well, we have three we can recommend whole-heartedly.

For larger teams, such as corporate groups, a human can be made available upon request to provide additional assistance, should it be needed. Our virtual games are not tied down to specific times, they are made instantly available to you via a unique code that is emailed to you once your purchase is completed. From there the virtual escape room is playable instantly, or can be saved and started at any point in the future. The access codes do not expire.


Our Virtual Escape Games

What’s a virtual escape room? Well, our first virtual escape room was ‘Scarab’s Curse’. The Scarab’s Curse takes place in 1930, on the set of a blockbuster Hollywood film, titled (you guessed it) ‘The Scarab’s Curse’. The lead actress, Veronica St. Claire, was just found murdered on the set. The film’s producers don’t want the cops or public involved, so they’ve locked the set down, and brought on a team of private detectives. That’s where you and your team come in. You’ll need to make your way around the studio lot, piecing together information and solving the challenges you come across as you progress. A wide variety of challenges await – so working as a team will be necessary, different minds will click with different puzzles faster than others. 

How Long Does an Escape Room Take?

We have since released Mothership Over Manhattan and Wizard Hunt, both of which feature entirely original storylines, puzzles and visual elements. All these virtual escape games take roughly 40-80 minutes to complete.

How Does a Virtual Escape Room Work?

The initial on-boarding process for our virtual games involves the individual who booked the game receiving their ‘Leader’ code. This is a unique link that will bring them to a page where they can assign a name to your team, and then begin to invite everyone else to join.

Once the team name is created the lobby leader will see a link that is the ‘Player’ code. The lobby leader should share this link with their teammates, who will then be able to join and assign player names to themselves. Once players have entered their names they will be taken to an introduction page. This page briefly covers the lore of the game, as well as informing players of the important ‘RED’ and ‘GREEN’ information highlights that they will see throughout the game.

When all players have joined someone can type the starting keyword into the textbox at the bottom left, and the game will begin. 

Clues are delivered via a series of yellow circles. These circles can be seen at the lower righthand corner of the game, and more of them unlock the longer you spend working on a particular puzzle. The game is designed to give you time to work things out yourself, but with enough boosts to hopefully keep you from becoming stuck beyond recovery. The game is played entirely within the Chrome browser, or Firefox, or whatever it is you use. No need to download or use any special programs.

It is recommended that players work together over Zoom or a similar application in order to keep teams coordinated – however if you’re a family you can always gather around one computer together. 

Why are escape rooms fun? Well – they promote teamwork and a strong sense of comradery, whether you play online or in-person. Not to mention, when you solve a puzzle you feel a bit like a genius.

Pricing for our virtual escape rooms varies depending on the size of your team, and if you’ll be requiring any extra assistance from us, but no matter what it comes down to, dollar-for-dollar our virtual escape rooms are one of the best deals in team building. 

If you have any further questions, or would like to be set up with a booking, please reach out to us at 646-829-1690 or via email at info@cluechase.com

Until next time,

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