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Looking for something fun and exciting to do in NYC? Clue Chase is the perfect choice. At over 4000 square feet, we are the largest escape game center in New York City. Each mission is incredibly detailed, with rooms built by professional set designers and escape game designers. The only thing missing from our rooms is you, the player. Your presence and exploration brings our interactive experience to life!

Each escape game is tied into a larger overarching plot, with cryptic items linking different time periods together for our repeat players to find. You’ll need to work together to solve mysteries, find hidden relics, infiltrate secret vaults and communicate with aliens. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever done before, learn more…


Where is Clue Chase located?

Although our time travel technology technically allows us to be located at many different places and times, our headquarters is located at 1114 Avenue of the Americas. Please enter through the front of the Grace building, which can be found on 42nd Street, directly across from Bryant Park. (Right between 5th and 6th Avenue.)

Do we need a reservation?

You do! Unfortunately because of the security process required by The Grace Building it is quite literally impossible for anyone to simply walk into our office space. (One does not simply walk into Clue Chase.)

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation here:

How much is an escape game ticket?

Tickets are only $30 per person, so reserve your mission today! We recommend that reservations are made at least 24 hours in advance.

How many people can you accommodate?

Clocking in at over 4,000 square feet Clue Chase is the largest escape room venue in Manhattan. This means that we have plenty of space. Our rooms can accommodate groups peaking at 10-14 players, depending on the room. We can, and have, hosted corporate groups in excess of 100 total players within a two and a half hour period.

What are your hours of operation?

  • Saturday 10AM–12AM
  • Sunday 10AM–10PM
  • Monday 12–9PM
  • Tuesday 12–9PM
  • Wednesday 12–9PM
  • Thursday 11AM–11PM
  • Friday 11AM–11PM

Why do you need our full names?

Because the Grace building is a “landmark” building there is security posted at all the entrances. You will need to check in with them before you will be allowed to come down to our game space. Your full names are provided to building security so that they can cross-check that list with the names on your government issued ID cards. (Passports, drivers licenses…) Anyone under 18 does not need an ID, but we do still need their names.

Can I make a reservation for a large party or teambuilding event?

Yep! Send an email to and we’ll be happy to help you coordinate your event with Clue Chase.

Is there anywhere to park?

There are two 24 hour garages conveniently located on 43rd Street, right at the rear of our building.

How early should we arrive?

Plan on arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. (If you book for 7:30 that is when your game starts, try to arrive at 7:15). This will give everyone ample time to get through building security, use the restroom, and receive their specific instructions for the day’s time travel expedition.

What if we’re running late?

Here at Clue Chase Labs we try to be as accommodating as possible. That being said, there are some limits even a time travel agency cannot bypass. If you are sharing the time bubble with other players then your game time will start at the designated time, and you may join them up to 15 minutes past the starting time. If you have booked out the entire time bubble we will hold the start until eight minutes past the designated time. You will be able to enter your time bubble at any point, but you could well do so with a severe time deficit if you are very late.

How long do your games take?

Your time in the room will last exactly one hour. You should expect a total time of one and a half hours spent at Clue Chase between arrival, gametime, and post game debriefing/photos.

What happens if we don’t escape?

Escaping is never a guarantee, and some of our rooms are designed to be quite difficult. There’s no penalty for losing, and ultimately the goal is to have fun trying your best to solve puzzles as a group! Winning isn’t the fun, the game is the fun. Well – winning is pretty fun, but we guarantee you’ll remember playing the game more than winning the game.

What if there’s a puzzle we just can’t solve. Will you help?

We will offer clues as you play, but we won’t go to the point of offering solutions for you. (That wouldn’t be fun!) Fear not, we won’t leave you hanging. If at the end of your game some things remain unsolved, your game master will be happy to walk you through the solutions.

What is a time bubble?

Have you ever played an escape game? It turns out time travel is a lot like playing an escape room game. Think of a time bubble as a room. A room that is unstable on a quantum level. So, a very exciting, potentially dangerous room. (Nothing’s actually dangerous. That’s a time travel joke about quantum instability.)

Can we see our room before playing?

Unlike some of our competitors we’re so proud of our prop and set design that we feature them prominently on our website. The photographs featured at the bottom of each room page are all from the actual sets you will be playing on.

Who designs your escape rooms?

Clue Chase is unique in that we take a highly collaborative, iterative approach to our designs. Rooms and puzzles are adjusted on the fly based on customer feedback and employee experience. Everyone wears the hats of puzzle designer, set decorator and maintenance from time to time. Our sets are primarily built by a very talented man who worked on the sets of Boardwalk Empire with HBO, among many other credits. Our puzzles are largely designed by our founder, our creative director, and our lab techs. (The little underlings you see scampering about in labcoats.) All of our rooms are unique to us, you will not find these rooms anywhere else in the world.

Are your rooms scary?

None of our games are designed to scare you with sudden motion or sounds. Some themes, such as the Egyptian tomb, may be unsettling to younger players – but even that room is very well lit so it’s unlikely.

I’m claustrophobic, can I play?

Yep! We have some of the largest escape rooms in NYC, and you’re never truly locked in.

Do I need to be a certain height or strength?

Nope! None of our rooms require any strength, and in fact, you should never apply strength or force to puzzles or items in our rooms. Our rooms are designed so that anyone, from the height of a child on up, can get to everything they’ll need to access in order to complete the game.

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final. (Not even if your cat has managed to steal and drive off in your car. Although, we will be very impressed with your cat. Can we have your cat? For science?)

Can I play alone?

You can. That doesn’t mean you should. But you can.

Do you have wifi?

We do have Wifi. But not for you. Our time travel equipment is very sensitive to fluctuations in the available bandwidth so bogging it down with extra devices isn’t something we can safely do. In the event of an internet emergency we can provide you with a passkey.

Do you have restrooms?

We do have restrooms. They’re very spacious and handicap accessible.

Is your space handicap-accessible?

Yes! With the unfortunate exception of the “Alien Encounter” room our entire space is easily accessible to people at all levels of mobility.

How does getting clues work?

All of our games are monitored remotely by a dedicated time travel technician. The technician will provide clues at their discretion. This means that while you are free to ask them for a clue, they are also free to ignore you. Fear not, our technicians are trained to be very friendly, and no one wants to see you stuck on one puzzle for an hour, so they’ll help. (Watching someone try to solve one thing for one hour is very boring. Our help is entirely selfish.)

Do you have food available?

No, but we’re able to help you with catering or restaurant planning for any large event you may wish to throw in our space. We’ve partnered with STK – a really incredible Steakhouse located right upstairs in the Grace building and Heartland Brewery an amazing brewery across the street with great comfort food and draft beer.

Are we really locked into the room?

No. In order to not be in violation of fire safety laws we leave the first door to every room unlocked. That means if you need to run to the bathroom, answer an important call, or just catch your breath, we won’t stop you.

Can kids play?

Kids are great, and plenty of them are great at puzzles. However, due to the difficult nature of our rooms we do not recommend them for players under the age of eight. All children under 15 must play with adult supervision, because they’re destructive monsters.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in! As long as you feel comfortable in clothes. Wear clothes. Please.

Can I take pictures or video in the room?

Sorry, but that’s a no. We need to make sure the solutions to our puzzles don’t end up online. There will be an opportunity for a photo in the room once your game has ended.

Do you have other locations?

Not yet. Follow us on social media to stay tuned for updates. We can be found at and on Twitter: @ClueChase

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