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Greetings, Clue Chasers!

You may have noticed we’ve been gone for a while. Don’t worry, we noticed too. While the world has been tucked away, sheltering from the storm, we’ve been hard at work developing some brand new escape room experiences that are adapted to this new era of social distancing.

Socially distant escape games, you ask? How does that work? Aren’t escape rooms that thing where you get locked in a small room with a bunch of friends/strangers and try to solve hands-on puzzles together? Well, yes, and no- to a degree.

At their core escape rooms are a puzzle activity wherein you are presented with a limited dataset, and you need to infer connections from within that limited dataset in order to arrive at solutions. There are many video games that share aspects of escape rooms, to our minds Myst is an excellent example. One where methodical puzzle solving and careful exploration are the greatest rewards for the player. Unfortunately, most online escape room style games are single player, and escape rooms are at their best when played with a group.

With this in mind we began developing three escape games, that would be playable entirely online- from anywhere in the world. These games feature everything you have come to expect from a Clue Chase room; challenging and unique puzzles, high quality art, and an intriguing storyline to pull you forward through the challenges. The first virtual escape room we’re releasing is called “The Scarab’s Curse”.

The Scarab’s Curse tells the story of a 1930s film starlet, mysteriously murdered on the set of her latest blockbuster. You take on the role of detective, and must piece together information about the film, her life, and everyone involved, in order to discover her killer – and the reason behind her death. The game takes place over a variety of secret webpages, combing a variety of media forms, including some interactive video game style portions, built in the Unity Engine. The Scarab’s Curse is designed from the ground up to require a team of players in order to be successfully completed. Your team for our virtual escape room can be located anywhere in the world, so long as you have access to a communication platform like Zoom.

One aspect that makes escape rooms particularly fun, and challenging, is the race against the clock. With limited time it can become easy to start panicking, rushing, and overlooking potentially obvious clues. With an online game like the Scarab’s Curse, it’s possible some of that tension is lost. So, we’ll be hosting competitions to see which teams can solve the game the fastest, winners receiving a free escape room.

One of our other virtual escape room offerings is “Franklin’s Codex”. Designed in partnership with local NYC education professionals, this game is specifically designed to be played by students. Franklin’s Codex is an educational escape game, deeply rooted in American history. Franklin’s Codex can also be played entirely over Zoom, and the web, allowing it to fit into the current “Classroom” dynamic here in America.

If you are an education professional, and interested in learning more about “Franklin’s Codex” please feel free to email us at, or we can be reached by phone at 646-964-5783.

If you’re just someone who really likes escape rooms, and you and some friends want to try your hand at “The Scarab’s Curse”, you can find more details at