The Scarab's Curse: Virtual Escape Room

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The Scarab’s Curse is an entire virtual escape room experience, built by Clue Chase from the ground-up. The game allows you and your team to work together in order to solve a variety of challenges. Along the way each of you will collect information that may be applicable to the other players. Throughout the game you will all be assuming the role of a private investigator, looking into the sudden murder of a young movie star. 

There are thirty potential suspects. Do you have what it takes to narrow down the field until you have selected the one guilty individual?

The game takes place over a series of “scenes”. Each scene contains a unique puzzle, and each scene is presented differently from those that came before it. You will navigate virtual rooms that you can freely peer around, sort through files, make phone calls, and much more. We strived to provide as much variety of experience as possible, while working within the confines of a web-browser based environment. 

Our virtual escape rooms are designed by the same expert puzzles designers that have created our in-person escape rooms, and we think you’re going to absolutely love them. Several players have already left extremely positive feedback for us on a variety of review sites, and we believe there are many more to come! (One user on google said it was the “best virtual escape room she had ever played”, which may have made us blush a bit). 

So if you’re looking for a Covid safe escape room activity, look no further than Scarab’s Curse. The escape room experience you can share with friends from the safety and comfort of your own couch! All you need is a computer and a functioning internet connection. Technically, you don’t even need friends, as intrepid puzzle solvers may attempt to complete the game solo, if they are so inclined – but the challenge will be greater, and the rewards, exactly the same. Unless your reward is a sense of pride and accomplishment, because it may be greater in that case. 

We hope you give Scarab’s Curse a shot, and if you enjoy your virtual escape room experience, please don’t hesitate to drop us a review, or reach out and let us know personally! We always love to hear from our players, even if you’ve got some constructive criticism for us. It only helps us improve!

Until next time,

Clue Chase