Travel Back in Time With the New York Trolley Company

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Can’t get enough time travel? Have you spent your birthday with us here at Clue Chase? Date night? Anniversary?

Over the years we have had the privilege of playing host to any number of special occasions for people from all over the world. Our unique escape room designs and fun, consistent theming is something that we pride ourselves on, and something that keeps people coming back time and time again. We always have our eyes out for fun new ways to help our players continue their experience after they leave our space, and we believe that the New York Trolley Company is a great option. 

Their Trolleys are unlike any party bus you’ve ever rented before – taking you back in time, while still providing the modern amenities you might need or expect. They can comfortably seat up to 34 guests, and our escape rooms max out at a total of 40 players across all four rooms – so they can handle just about the largest party we can handle. All trollies feature a speaker system, compatible with any modern smartphone, so you can control your parties playlist. All trollies are climate controlled, with both heating and cooling for hot and warm months. The interiors are made of sumptuous oak, and the exteriors have the classic trolley bell! You can even decorate the trolley with your own custom signage to denote the event that you are celebrating. 

For more details and to inquire about booking please refer to their website, located at:

We hope you’ll keep both us and the New York Trolley Company in mind when looking for fun and unique ways to escape the chaos of 2020. 

All the best,

Clue Chase