The Lore of Clue Chase

interior shot of the heist escape room

From an early stage at Clue Chase we knew we would need to differentiate ourselves in some meaningful way from the rest of the NYC escape room market. Having high quality escape rooms isn’t enough – although it is a good first step. But we wouldn’t be the only folks in town with good rooms, we’re not so conceited as to believe that. (But our games are some of the best. We are conceited enough to think that).

What we settled on was world-building. If we can take the idea of an escape room company as a series of entirely disconnected rooms with puzzles, and turn it into something greater – something where every room contains ties to the other rooms and each time you play it feels as though you are progressing through something- making moves in a larger world that exists beyond the one room you’re in. 

With this, Clue Chase Labs, time travel laboratory, was born. Clue Chase Labs is a self-funding (via stock market manipulation and gambling) time travel research facility. We know the outcome of every event and stock market swing, so we’re able to make very “informed” “ethical” decisions regarding our financial investments. Clue Chase labs is searching for a piece of alien technology that we refer to as “The Artifact”. This technology is said to grant its possessor both eternal life, and a great deal of material wealth. However, our staff cannot do this work alone. So we’ve created a fake website where we pretend to be an escape room company. This allows Clue Chase labs an endless supply of willing victi- volunteers, to help us in our hunt for the artifact. 

Our entire facility, both in and outside the rooms, is designed to maintain the time travel laboratory theme, from our lobby to our hallways. Our staff are in character as labcoat wearing mad-scientists and use their characters to help bring you deeper into our world. (Also, they take issue with “mad” scientist. They wish to state that they are all perfectly calm, thank you very much). 

Even our intro video, which needs to cover boring material like escape room rules and safety tips, is in character. Featuring a mixture of live performance and animation – we’d like you to feel entertained from the word “go” and not just once you get into your escape room.

We plan to continue expanding on the world of Clue Chase labs over the coming months/years, particularly Covid leads to more of our business taking place online. Keep an eye out for more virtual escape room experiences and ARGs coming to you soon from all of us here at Clue Chase. 

Until next time, stay safe, and happy holidays. 

~ Clue Chase