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Hollywood, 1939 – While filming her latest Hollywood film, The Scarab’s Curse, renowned actress Veronica St. Claire was brutally murdered. In order to prevent mass hysteria and the chance of the film being shut down, the producers have locked down the studio and are calling in private investigators to solve the case.

We are sending you to take the place of the actual PIs and find the murderer. The killer could very well be someone we’ve been searching for for some time.


  • Play anywhere you have access to an internet connection and way of communicating with your team.
  • Mystery and intrigue! Many suspicious characters, but only one culprit. Search the movie studio for clues and interview witnesses to narrow down the suspects.
  • Multimedia puzzles! Scour the internet for hidden clues. Watch videos, listen to audio, and compete in Unity-powered mini games.
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Is this like an escape room?

This is like an escape room you play on your computer. You will still work with a team solving puzzles before time runs out!


How many people can play?

We recommend each team consists of 2-4 people. Some games allow players to assume unique roles that encourage 4 people. These games are labeled as such.


How do I sign up for a game?

You book a game as though you are booking a physical escape room. Head to our Booking Page, select the game you want to play, select the time you wish to play, and go through the regular payment process.


How do we play a game after we purchased it?

After purchasing a game you will receive an email with further instructions, a game link, and a unique Team ID for everyone to enter on the game page. Make sure everyone has the game link and Team ID to play.


Is there anyone there to help us if we get stuck?

There is a hint system in the game that will provide you clues if you are having a hard time. Every few seconds a new hint is available for you to click on should you need a hint. Otherwise there is nobody watching your progress.


How do I communicate with my team?

If you are all in separate areas, we recommend using various online communication applications such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Meetings.


Do we need to go anywhere to play?

You can play from any place that has internet access so long as you have your Team ID.