Due to a recent fire in an escape room in Poland, the safety of escape rooms has become a topic of discussion. So, while Clue Chase cannot speak for the diverse range of escape room companies operating in and around NYC or elsewhere, and we do believe most of them are entirely safe, we decided to share our approach to safety with all of you, as it is something we take very seriously.

1. Our Building and Facilities Have The Absolute Highest Level Of Security And Are Held to a Rigorous      Safety Standard

Clue Chase is located in the Grace Building, a Class A landmark building across from Bryant Square Park on 42nd Street. It has an extensive security staff and requires each individual entering the building to be pre-screened and approved. Every facility inside the Grace Building is properly equipped with a sprinkler system and fire extinguishers as needed. These systems are regularly maintained and tested by our building’s dedicated engineering staff, and are also regularly checked by the fire marshall. In other words, there is no safer or more secure building for an escape room.

2. You Are Never Actually Locked In Your Mission Room

Unlike many other escape room venues, we trust that our sets and puzzles are immersive enough on their own, and that the added pressure of having both entrances to the room locked is both unnecessary and not worth the added risk. So, while the challenge of completing a mission and/or finding a way out of the room is still intact — the entrance you first use to enter  the escape room mission will never be locked. Accordingly, you can always safely exit at any time.

3. Clue Chase Has Passed All Safety Inspections

We’ve had our rooms checked by fire safety inspectors, and we have passed with flying colors- no issues came up during inspection.

4.Clue Chase Monitors All Games Continuously

If you’re playing a game at Clue Chase, your dedicated game master is keeping an eye on things at all times. With a bird’s eye view of the room, and microphones to listen in on the action, they’ll be able to see where everyone and everything is, making sure that nothing is out of place or going awry.

5. Clue Chase’s Games Are Designed With Safety In Mind and Provide Mental But Not Physical Challenges

All of our games are designed to be mental, not physical, challenges. This means that our games are playable by basically anyone. Any height, degree of physical fitness, age (barring very young children) – anyone can play. Unlike some escape rooms, none of our rooms will require you to be physically restrained, enclosed in a small space, lift or move heavy items, or climb onto any elevated surfaces. Customer safety is paramount to us, and we absolutely believe that everyone can have a fun and exciting gameplay experience, while still maintaining personal safety at all times.

We hope this has answered any questions you may have had, and that you can rest assured by how seriously Clue Chase takes the safety of our customers and our staff. Of course, this is just one of the many factors that separate Clue Chase from its competitors.

If you have any further questions about our safety practices that weren’t answered above, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, at either (646) 829-1690 or via email at

All the best,

Clue Chase