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Escape Room Team Building Tips

 Interested in Teambuilding at our Escape Room? Here are some tips!

So, your team has realized that, while drinks on a Thursday night sound like fun in theory,  you’ll still need to show up at the office tomorrow morning, and that doesn’t sound nearly as fun. Especially after a night of team bonding over drinks. Physical activities sound fun, for about half the office. The other half are concerned that if Dave attempts a trust fall he’ll rip a hole in the fabric of reality itself, because that’s just the kind of guy hypothetical Dave is. But you, being the clever planner that you are, have discovered Escape the Room games. Escape rooms are a fantastic team building activity! They promote cooperation, leadership, concentration under pressure with strict timelines, and most importantly, they’re FUN. 
How best can you maximize your fun while playing in our escape room games? We’ve got a few quick tips for you!
#1 Make Sure Your Team Knows What They’re Getting Into
 While surprises can be fun, we find that teams who arrive uninformed often spend the first fifteen minutes of their games feeling lost and a little confused. Letting your team know ahead of time that they’ll be playing an escape the room game gives them the opportunity to do some googling or talk to some colleagues if they don’t yet know what an escape room game entails. This means that when it’s game time they can jump right into escaping, without having to first work out exactly what is expected of them. There will be plenty of surprises inside the escape game, the even itself doesn’t need to be one of them. 
#2 If You’re Going to Have Multiple Teams, Pair People Up With Intent
Our escape rooms can fit between eight players in the smallest, to twelve players in the largest, and ten in the two in between. This means that for larger groups you won’t all be playing in the same room. You should assign people to teams based on your goals for the teambuilding
event. If you’re trying to improve teamwork within one department, group all the members of that department together. If you’re trying to foster communication between multiple departments, determine where the breakdown in communication is occurring, and then pair those departments together. Of course, if you’re all just going out to have fun, we can randomly assign people to rooms when you arrive, making it a surprise for everyone.
#3 Incentivize Participation
Escape the room games are fun, but they can be even more fun when there’s a potential prize in store. This promotes friendly rivalry between teams, in what is otherwise a cooperative game. This sort of incentive also gives those individuals who may not always feel motivated to participate in group events, a bit more motivation to help.
#4 Talk About the Escape Game After It’s Over
A quick, informal post game chat can be a good opportunity for everyone to review what did and did not work for each team. This also provides an opportunity for individuals to share moments they’re particularly proud of, or things they found particularly challenging. There’s really no need to sit down for a meeting about the games, but reviewing the experience and what everyone took away from it will help cement the escape room as a learning and growing experience. 
#5 Don’t Forget to Have Fun
Escape room games are a race against the clock, which can be stressful. So it’s important to remember that the clock isn’t nearly as invested in the outcome of the game as you might be, and ultimately what matters most is not winning- but what you get out of the experience as a whole. The teamwork, comradery and chance to work in and experience an environment outside of your normal, everyday reality. 
If you’re ready to start planning your own team building event in one of our escape rooms please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’ll be happy to assist every step of the way, whatever your question or needs may be. You can find various methods of contact directly below this post.
Thanks for reading,
Clue Chase



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