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Date Night Ideas


Today the Clue Chase blog has something short and sweet for you. We know finding fun date night ideas can be a challenge, especially during the year of Covid, where a lot of the old standby date night plans just aren’t possible. 

Obviously, we’re fans of escape rooms as a date night plan, but what to do before, or after your game?

We believe the folks at can help you out. With a wide variety of articles, from expert reviews of restaurants and activities, to more general relationship guides for couples in all stages – these folks are an excellent resource to turn to. 

So while we hope you’ll turn to us for your escape room needs in NYC, we think you’ll be well served by turning to these folks for what you should do with the rest of your time. 

We know this post was shorter than normal – and don’t worry, we’ll be back to our regular deeper dives into escape room production and design soon!

Until then,

Clue Chase

(P.S. – they like us too!