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Clue Chase is now offering NYC area businesses the exclusive opportunity to bring the entire escape room experience straight to your headquarters. This is the perfect way to help get the hundreds or even thousands of your staff back into the swing of the office. All of the props, technology and set-pieces from our classic and critically acclaimed 42nd Street escape room center, exclusively assembled and operated for you and your employees, in your headquarters, with a member of Clue Chase staff on hand to operate the game. Please fill out the form below to request more information regarding this new program.



two players exploring the lost spy escape room

Agent Redwood of the CIA has gone missing, and now CIA headquarters are under lockdown from a bomb threat… Can you and your bomb defusal squad track down the missing agent and defuse the bomb in time?


two players holding loot in the heist escape room

We’ve located the secret lair of the master thief known only as “The Fox”. We’ve managed to disable his security systems, and now you and your team have one hour to break into his hideaway, and steal back as many of his ill-gotten goods as you can.


three friends gaze into a sarcophagus in the Egyptian escape room

Napoleon and the French army mounted an expedition into the tombs of ancient Egypt in search of ancient treasures, unfortunately they triggered a trap that collapsed part of the tomb, locking some members of the party inside…

What Makes Our Pop-Up Escape Rooms Special?

  • Great option for teambuilding without needing to share space with the broader public
  • Available for one day or up to three months!
  • Exclusive on-site game master to oversee games and keep track of team success. For the more competitively inclined we can record the best team performances and share that information at the end of the engagement. 
  • Each game’s timing can be flexed (15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes) so anyone can play, regardless of other time commitments. 
  • Can be conveniently set up in un-used conference rooms or office space
  • Fully immersive sets, props and puzzles that have already been played and enjoyed by tens of thousands
  • 500+ people can cycle through one room each week


October, 1963 – An agent of the CIA has gone missing, leaving behind a series of clues pointing toward a vast conspiracy, and for some reason – a bomb. We’re sending you in to track down those clues, uncover the conspiracy and hopefully, disarm the bomb – before it’s too late for us, and for our country.

  • Use deduction to track down the missing agent
  • Explore a CIA agent’s office
  • Time is ticking – can you disarm the bomb?
  • A live actor and custom props allows for immersive world building and gameplay
  • A challenging detective puzzler


December, 1998 – We have uncovered the presence of the alien artifact in the home of a notorious thief, “The Fox”. We need you to break into his home, bypass his security systems, and track down the artifact. If you happen to steal a few other things from the Fox before making your escape, we won’t tell.

  • Unique Gameplay- try to escape and see how much you can steal!
  • Optional theft puzzles that boost your score at the end of the game!
  • Our widest variety of puzzles.
  • A re-playable heist escape room!
  • A chance to steal $100 Million… Are you a master thief?


September, 1800 – Napoleon’s spies told him of an item buried deep within the tomb of Queen Nefertiti that would grant him eternal life. Napoleon and his men were unable to overcome the trials of the tomb, and fled. Clue Chase Labs is sending you into the tomb in pursuit of the same item. You must translate hieroglyphs, uncover hidden chambers and solve the riddles of the queen before time runs out and the tomb collapses, forever trapping you with the queen in her final resting place.

  • Immersive Set – Explore an Egyptian Tomb
  • High Quality Props – Museum Quality Setpieces
  • Work With Hieroglyphics
  • Can you find the Artifact and escape before being buried alive?