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“Escape to Go”

In early 2017 Clue Chase noted a hole in the escape room market- more specifically in the field of team building, and corporate events. At our premiere location we have over 4,000 square feet of floor space, divided across four escape rooms (and the lobby and hallways, of course) and while this is enough square footage to qualify us for the largest escape room venue in Manhattan, space is still a limiting factor for corporate groups. Essentially, even with all our floor space, we’re hard limited to a maximum of 100 players across a double set of four room, and three hours. This is great for plenty of teams, but sometimes companies are looking for a way to get more employees involved than that, sometimes many more, hundreds even.

So we started to work on a solution. We needed to design a game that would allow for groups of theoretically any size to play together, at the same time, with everyone involved. This is, as you may imagine, no small feat. Finally we settled on a modular game system that can be played by as few as twenty, or as many as 500+ players, at the same time. Of course, escape to go doesn’t take on quite the same overall shape as a standard escape room. There’s no good way to get groups of 500 into any kind of “escape room” situation, with the locked doors and the sets- instead we are able to bring our equipment to large conference halls, hotel ballrooms, or any other large meeting spaces in the greater NYC area, and essentially, bring the escape to you.

Escape to Go might not be locking you into a room, but we’ve still done our utmost to make it as cool, and as immersive as any experience you might have while inside a permanent escape room venue. Escape to Go will have your team members divided up into smaller subgroups, each with their own unique objectives. Objectives that they may be unable to complete without communicating with their neighboring teams. The game features the same kinds of proprietary technology that you may find in a permanent escape room, with hidden compartments and doorways opening at unexpected moments as players complete challenges. The entire game is accompanied by a series of high quality video projections, featuring an actual police chief (retired… but not an actor!) who is in charge of your team as you attempt to defuse the situation you’ve found yourselves in. These videos dynamically change and respond based on the progress of your team throughout the course of the game, updating them at key moments with their successes, or possible, their failures.

Escape to Go has your team working with a large variety of tactile puzzles, and various pieces of technology. Hacking into locked laptops, tracking mysterious vehicles around the city using CCTV footage- these are just a couple of the numerous involving and exciting challenges each team faces while attempting to save the city. Escape to Go is also modular enough that we can add small extras for individual teams. One example was a challenge we built for a team that allowed them to solve an extra puzzle at the end of the game in order to retrieve vials of “antidote” (it was booze). If you want something like that for your team, just ask, and we’ll let you know what we can do.

So if you’re thinking that you would love to get your team thinking, and working together in new and exciting ways, but that there are way too many of you for most teambuilding activities, we think that our Escape to Go game is just the solution you’re looking for.

To inquire for more details, or for help getting started with a booking and planning the event, feel free to use any one of the contact methods listed directly below this post.

We look forward to giving your team the unique, fun and challenging experience they deserve!

Yours in Gaming,

Clue Chase Labs



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