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We have temporarily suspended in-person events due to Covid. For our currently available games please refer to our virtual games page.


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Clue Chase is the premiere escape room in NYC for big groups and is the perfect location to host your special event. Whether it’s a large corporate outing, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or a birthday party – Clue Chase is prepared to make your event the best it can be and is the best place for escape game team building. With some of the highest rated Escape the Room activities in NYC Clue Chase has the capacity and quality to match. Not only do we offer escape room activities, but we go above and beyond, with a dedicated event coordinator, optional party room space for pre or post-game activities, and several local restaurant partners to choose from.

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Looking for a fun party idea that will get everyone’s minds working? Clue Chase is the perfect place to host the party for that Doctor Who, Rick and Morty or science fiction fan in your life. As NYC’s premiere escape room, Clue Chase is perfect for big or small groups. With four unique and exciting rooms to choose from and staff that is experienced in running games for all age levels, whether you’re turning 13 or 83, Clue Chase is sure to be a fun and involving activity for your party day.

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You deserve a medal. As NYC’s premiere escape room for big groups, that’s what we believe, and we’re pretty sure you agree. In fact we believe so strongly that you deserve a medal that we’ve created an entire award ceremony- and we’ll customize it just for you and your team. Each award ceremony includes a set of prizes, and a custom presentation of those prizes that is designed to put the actions your team took while playing the game into the center spotlight. We’ve been watching, we’ve been taking notes – and now we’re going to give you prizes as a reward for your escape room team building. If you’re interested a custom award ceremony be sure to mention it when making your booking!

We can be reached at (646) 829-1690 or at

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Is one of your friends getting married? Have you been roped into planning a party for them? Is your friend a gigantic nerd? Well stress no more, Clue Chase has you covered! We are perfect as the escape room center in NYC for big groups like bachelor & bachelorette parties. Your friend is about to metaphorically “lock themselves” into a relationship, so what better way to prepare than by escaping from one of our premium Escape Rooms? 

 Keep in mind, rigorous study shows that puzzles do not become easier the more you’ve had to drink beforehand. Trust us, rigorous study…. (Don’t show up drunk. Please.)

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