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Mothership Over Manhattan

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Mothership Over Manhattan takes place during the latest and greatest Alien Invasion of the world’s most invaded city, (in fiction, of course) NYC.

You and your teammates take on the role of a squad of mercenaries, tasked by a mysterious scientist with saving the city. Your journey will take you through famous landmarks, and the underground tunnels of the city. You’ll meet strange and potentially helpful characters along the way, while solving a wide variety of challenging puzzles.

Will you save the city, or fall, like so many before you?

This game has no set time limit - take as long as you need! The game can be freely stopped and resumed at any time, just use the link you joined the game with to resume where you left off.

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Customer Reviews

Competition Winners

On February 13 and 14th, 2021, Clue Chase hosted a virtual escape room competition to see who could complete Mothership Over Manhattan in the fastest time. Almost fifty teams of players took part, with the average time for each team coming at around one hour. Some teams took over two hours. But would that do for our champions? Not even a little bit.
“Team Hot Dog” completed the game in a record-setting thirty minutes and thirty-one seconds. 
The second place team came in five minutes behind them. Can you beat Team Hot Dog’s time? Let us know if you do… we’re sure to be impressed.